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Dvorak layouts for Mac OS

From:Josh Brandt-Young <vionau@...>
Date:Saturday, June 7, 2003, 7:06
Howdy, all,

There was a thread (that I started, admittedly) a few months back about
Dvorak, and it just occurred to me that I might have something that a
few of you fellow Dvorak typists could use:

OSX ships with a great Unicode extended keylayout which, unfortunately,
is hard-wired to Qwerty; I've translated the thing into Dvorak, and
it's really easy to install, if anyone wants it. I've also made Dvorak
ports of the Central European, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew and Devanagari

I'm nomail at the moment, so if you're interested give me a shout at


Josh Brandt-Young <vionau@...>
"After the tempest I behold, once more, the weasel."
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