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Re: TECH: IE 7

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 14, 2006, 19:24
Mark Reed wrote:

> On 11/14/06, Roger Mills <rfmilly@...> wrote: > > Does one want to install this? (It's been offered to me) > > > > I'm actually not sure I use it-- all my stuff says "MSN Explorer" > > MSN Explorer is really IE under the covers.
As I suspected.... More importantly, almost
> any HTML-savvy software on Windows uses IE's rendering engine. Which > means that by upgrading to IE7 you do run a small risk of breaking > other things.
That I don't need!! (snip much of a more technical nature)
> So I'm sticking with IE 6 for now. For my everyday browsing I use > Firefox anyway,
I also have Firefox, and use it when web pages with lots of UTF8 don't show up properly on MSN. I've not used it enough to figure out some of its supposedly desirable features. But MSN Explorer seems to be default with my Verizon service (e.g. when clicking on a link in an email or other page), and I don't know how (or whether) to make Firefox the default. Anyway, thanks to all for the comments. My decision: no to IE7. ============================ ***For Private Reply, if any:*** As a side-note, my sister has just been given an old (W98) computer that apparently works. I'll probably be spending much of my 2-3 weeks at Christmastime trying to teach her (she's way below "Computer Dummy" status). As a beginning, is it possible to upgrade -- free? -- to a more recent Windows? What would happen if I took along my XP disc and installed that? Or is it somehow "registered/exclusive" to my name/use? Come to think, this old computer may not have much memory-- I just don't know its specs. Fortunately there are teen-age grandkids who are almost certainly more knowledgeable than I :-)))) At the moment I think her son set her up with AOL dial-up-- wait til she discovers how busy AOL's numbers in FLA are!! ha ha, unless things have improved since 2000, when I used it down there. Any alternatives for higher speed? She's in the Bell South telephone area, but SE Fla (unlike my tinytown area) may have lots of possibilities. How is AOL's virus protection?? She's certainly going to need that. Hopefully at least I'll no longer be computer-cold-turkey when I visit. Thanks for any advice!!