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From:Kala Tunu <kalatunu@...>
Date:Monday, November 12, 2001, 19:51
> These seem to be just about the only type distinctions
that English
> makes. French, the alleged language of love, is even
worse: AFAIK
> it only distinguishes "baiser" (non-romantic kiss) from
> (romantic kiss), the latter of which also comprises the
> "embrace"! Isn't that pathetic? =P
why, yes. but the "langue parlée" and the "argot" still have a few expressions available for the detailed menu like "rouler une pelle" or "rouler un patin" and "se becoter". btw "baiser" has a very crude meaning now in spoken language and i would advise not to use it anymore. but it's true that "kiss" seems to inspire french people less than "to have money": avoir des ronds, du flouze (<arabic), du pognon, de l'oseille, du fric, des tunes/de la tune, des clous, des radis (when none), (100) balles, des kopeks-- and i still must forget a many. Mathias