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Re: CHAT: Middle Initials

From:Jean Lansford <lansford@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 13, 2001, 17:10
On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Dan Jones wrote:

>I've noticed something. Loads of American names have an initial in the >middle, like Raymond E Feist, Kathlyn S Starbuck and even our own David E >Bell. Whereas over here we don't do this. Generally we just ignore our >middle names, and consequently a random letter in the middle of the name >looks weird to me. To me Daniel B Jones looks slightly pretentious. So, a >question for you over on the other side of the pond, why do you do it?
Legal reasons. So many of our forms require it, to better differentiate this Joseph Walker from that Joseph Walker, that we get in the habit of signing our names that way. -- Jean Lansford Did I mention they made a most satisfying thump? - Sir G'kar the Red Knight


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