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Weekly Vocab #13 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, June 26, 2003, 15:12
> 1. to bow-- supaka (n.), can vary from curtsy-like to full genuflection,
depending. (vb. mepu... or ~give...)
> One should bow when passing the temple.
anjayi mepu supaka anju valin areyal should do .... when pass-by temple
> > 2. tradition--añupit 'custom' > It is a tradition, and traditions tell us where we stand with God [and
traditions tell us our situation with respect to the Spirits] yale añupit-- añupitiç mile irungaya angañamim liri çehamilan it-is custom-- customs us/dat 3pl/tell~make known situation/condition-our w.r.t. spirit-pl-acc.
> > 3. origin-- casi > So you want to know the origin of this tradition? I'll tell you. I don't
know. ena, hameloka kaya casini añupit tayu? yale sañ-- ta makaya. (more colloq-- ta kaya) so, you-want-Q know origin-its custom this? it-is thus-- not I-know
> > > 4. to uphold-- lusok panar 'continue+support' > But it's a tradition, so I shall uphold it.
mowa añupit na, aloni malusok mapanar but tradition, well, therefore I-......
> > 5. to encourage--rundiçur 'embolden' < niçur 'brave' > Everyone I meet encourages me to do so.
yuno kaç re matimbat me yarundiçur sañ all person REL I-know me/dat 3-.... thus/like that
> > 6. lynch mob-- kambara-marak 'angry mob', agt. noun < marak 'angry' > If I don't uphold the traditions, a lynch mob will show up.
kendi ta mapanar añupitiç, kendi kambara-marak me cakrata IF not I-support traditions, THEN angry mob me/dat come-unexpectedly/inopportunely
> > 7. goodwill-- sisa-çura 'love respect' (for now...).
8. society-- añavendel 'the nobility'
> I wish to keep the goodwill of high society.
mamelo re e añavendel yalusok lire me (ya)sisa-çura I-want CONJ def. nobility 3-follow w.r.t.THAT me/dat (it-)love-respect.
> > 9. magistrate, judge, elder--temandi omer 'senior priest+law' > Perhaps I'll be a magistrate some day.
kariyanju kuna mayukar temandi omer someday maybe I-become ......
> > 10. to honor-- çura 'to honor, respect' > All will honor me and swoon at my name, for I will be famous.
kaçila me içurato-- cakalukeñ ombi alo aranimi, ombi makakayato people me they-honor-fut.-- fall-unconscious because from name/gen/my, because I-well known-fut.