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USAGE: Norwegian "w" (was: Labiodental approximant?)

From:James Campbell <james@...>
Date:Saturday, March 4, 2000, 20:21

> No such thing as spoken 'norwegian'... we may have two written forms, > but if you're talking about speech, you -always- have to mention at the > least whether your data is based on eastern or western speech... the > phoneme-inventory is different, the intonation, the morphology, the > actual shapes of the tonemes (tonal patterns) are swapped...
My comments on Nw. "v" were based on western speech, specifically the different pronunciations of "Vik" and "Voss" I heard in the Voss and, um, Vik area (S. of Sognefjorden). IIRC, just about anything from /vos/ to /wus/ (to the initially-untrained ear, anyway). But this bilabial-approximant-type-thing seemed pretty common, with *slight* friction. I'm not making sense any more (i.e. even less than usual). I'm off for a long bath. See you tomorrow, fellow lingweenies. :) ========================================================================= James Campbell Zeugma--Our Life Is Design =========================================================================