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List of natlangs - sequel

From:P. M. ARKTAYG <pmva@...>
Date:Friday, December 18, 1998, 1:26

First I sent this to Joshua but he didn't answer, so...
LANGUAGE (in English)

L = name(s) of the Language - possibly the dialects
C = name(s) of the Country (countries) - full and common
S = name(s) of the resident or/and the Speaker
A = Adjective(s)
O = Occurrence (spoken in)
E = Etymology
R = Remarks (comments)

What do you think? Two examples follow:


L - shqipe [Sk;i.pE]
    2 dialects: Gegian (north), Toskian (south)
C - Republika e Shqipe:rise: [Sk;i.p@.r;i.s@], Shqipe:ria [Sk;i.p@.r;ja]
S - Shqip(e:)tar [Sk;i.p(@)'tar]
A - ?
O - Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Dalmatia (Arbe:nesh), Greece
(Arbe:rishte), southern Italy (Arbe:resh), Bulgaria, Ukraina and emigrants
Italy and USA
E - ?; cf. shqipoj [Sk;.'pOj]? 'I speak intelligible'
(1) I don't know the orig. names of the dialects.
(2) stress ?


L- polski [';i]
    most important dialects:
kaszubski [ka.';i], mal/opolski [,ma.wO.';i], s'la;ski
[s^;i], wielkopolski [,v;El.kO.';i], mazowiecki
C - Rzeczpospolita Polska [ZEtS.,pOs.pO.'l;i.ta 'pOl.ska]; Polska
S - m. Polak ['pO.lak], f. Polka ['pOl.ka]
A - m. polski [';i], f. polska ['pOl.ska], n. polskie [';E]
O - Poland, Belarus, Ukraina, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan,
Bohemia and emigrants in USA, Canada, England, France, Germany, Brazil,
Australia, Sweden, Belgium...
E - connected with tribe's name pl. Polanie [pO.'la.n^E], ?from pole
['pO.lE] 'field'
(1) [s], [z], [ts], [dz], [n] - dental
    [S], [Z], [tS], [dZ] - alveolar
    [s^], [z^], [ts^], [dz^], [n^] - palatal