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Re: Hello, everybody

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Monday, February 18, 2002, 13:47
En réponse à Antonio WARD <antonio_ward@...>:

> My name is Antonio, I am Venezuelan and I live in Paris, France.
Welcome to the list! Venezuelan living in Paris? Isn't that hard? :)) I know at least one person on this list who lives in Paris. Or did you move, Mathias? Well, I'm French, but I left Paris nearly a year ago to settle in The Hague :)) . I
> will > start soon my adventure of creating a new language. I hope I will have > something soon.
Take your time, but don't forget to share with us what you have :)) . I am not a linguist at all, but languages are my
> passion. My > mother tongue is spanish, but I also speak french an english. I also > have > some basics of german and italian as well as some knowledge of Latin, > but > fortunately, here in Paris you can find a lot of info on almost any > language.
It's one of the rare things I miss. Here it's quite difficult :((( . I wish there was something like the FNAC around here... Each time I come to Paris, I go back with a few books :)) . I have purchased some books linguistics on Amazon. I hope
> you > will help me out with this quest!
Of course! ... I am very excited about it. As you
> can > imagine, although I love languages since a long time ago, this interest > in > creating a language arose after havin' seen THE LORD OF THE RINGS (I > am > reading the book for the first time now). >
Well, I knew this movie would serve for something :)) . I think it's great for the recognition of conlanging as an artform. Now, let's not miss the boat and let's use the publicity created around it :)) .
> I think you are a great community! >
Thanks! You're welcome to be part of it :) .
> cheers! > Antonio (writing with just one hand now) >
What happened? Did you break an arm? Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.