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Re: THEORY: Tagalog "Voice" (was: Voice, Mood, and Tense)

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Friday, June 25, 1999, 5:11
Nik Taylor wrote:

>Kristian Jensen wrote: >> Yes it could. But I wanted to differentiate between voice languages >> and trigger languages. > >Ah, makes sense. So, how are the equivalent of ditransitive verbs >handled? For instance, how would you say "I gave the box to the boy"? >
Well it depends of course on what you want as the trigger (focus) of=20 the sentence. In the sentence you have (using Tagalog terms); an=20 agent ("I"), a patient ("box"), and a recipient ("boy"). So you have=20 three possible translations: AGENT TRIGGER bumigay ako ng cahon sa bata give:AT 1:TRG GEN box OBL child lit.: "I was the giver of the/a box to a/the child." "I gave the box to the child." PATIENT TRIGGER binigay ko ang kahon sa bata give:PT 1:GEN TRG box OBL child lit.: "The box was my 'give' to a/the child." "The box is such that I gave it to the child" LOCATION (DIRECTION OF ACTION) TRIGGER binigyan ko ng kahon ang bata give:LT 1:GEN GEN box TRG child lit.: "The child was my 'giving-place/recipient' of a/the box." "The child is such that I gave him a box." -kristian- 8)