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CONLANG the Movie - Fundraiser

From:Baldvin Kari Sveinbjoernsson <baldvinkari@...>
Date:Monday, June 23, 2008, 2:26
Dear Friends, Family and Fellow Conlangers,

We are currently in pre-production on a short Columbia University Graduate film called
CONLANG and seeking your financial support for the production and post-production of the

The Production
CONLANG is a low-budget student film. But despite our size, we the filmmakers have high
hopes and great ambition for the project. We've spent the past 6 months developing the
script, with invaluable input from both our professors at Columbia University and actual
conlangers. The result is a short film that will appeal to seasoned conlangers as well as
the general public who may even never have heard of the word "conlang" before. After
all, Carl's quest for love knows no language barriers.

Principal photography is set to take place in River Edge, NJ this summer. Conlang will be
shot on a Sony EX-1 HD camcorder for optimum picture quality. Estimated running time is
12-15 minutes. The finished product will be ready by October 2008.

The Fundraiser
Swandive Films, Inc., the production company behind CONLANG, has started a fundraiser
for the project. Our goal is to raise $4,000 for expenses related to transportation,
equipment, props, set design, costumes, craft services, editing, sound design and music
composition. The entire crew and cast is donating their time and energy.

There are two ways to donate!

1. Click on:
And make your donation using a credit card through a secure, online company. This is not
a tax deductible donation but is a fast, convenient way to help out if you so desire!


2. Make a tax deductible donation through IFP (Independent Feature Project), our Fiscal
Sponsor (
Because our fiscal sponsorship is not set up to receive donations online, you would need
to contact Swandive Films ( to receive the form needed, then
simply mail the check to us, and we will forward it to IFP.

IFP will send all donors a thank you letter once the donation is received, which
acknowledges your tax-deductible donation.

Having to transport the cast and crew out to New Jersey for up to 6 days along with set
design, costumes and specialty equipment, really adds up.  Any amount is welcome,
every dollar counts. By donating different amounts,
donors can guarantee themselves a certain title in the films credits, according to the
following steps:

 $25 Friend
 $50 Sponsor
 $100-499 Patron
 $500-999 IMDb Producer Credit: Associate Producer
 $1000 or more IMDb Producer Credit: Executive Producer

Note that this is not an investment in the production, but simply a charitable donation to
the project. In addition, any donation guarantees the donor a DVD copy of the film upon
its completion. Patron donors and above will also receive an Autographed Photo of the
entire Cast as a token of our appreciation.

About the Film
Conlang (short for "constructed language") is a universal story set in the unique world of
conlanging. A comedy about secret crushes, extreme linguistics and the language of love,
it tells the story of Carl, 26, an unemployed conlang enthusiast. Even though Carl has no
trouble creating new languages, he has a hard time finding the words to express his
feelings to Libby, his secret crush. One day, Carl has a chance of becoming president of
the Constructed Language Society, a club of people joined by their passion for invented
languages. But between battling for the presidency and perfecting on his own conlang,
will he be able to share his true feelings with the girl he adores?

Again, thank you SO MUCH for your generous support. Many of you have already donated
your time, energy, expertise, and even props to help us bring this film to fruition.

The Cast and Crew is looking forward to sharing our film with all of you in the near

Baldvin Kari (producer/writer)
Marta Masferrer (director)