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From:Ian Maxwell <ian_maxwell@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 26, 2002, 17:34
Hey, I had an idea for a "politeness" rule in Lyngom-Vampyr and was wondering if
a similar phenomenon occurs in any natlang.

Since my vampires are a rather proud group, I thought it would make sense that
they would tend not to ask direct questions, in the same way that guys don't ask
for directions when they're lost. A direct interrogative form may or may not
*exist*, but it would rarely be used. "Where is the door?" would translate to
something like, "If you would tell me the location that is the door." I suppose
it wouldn't be *rude* per se to ask a direct question, so much as it would seem
like begging and you could lose respect.

I'd be interested in any ideas other people have had for politeness in their

- Ian Maxwell


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