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Re: OFF: college daze (was: I'm In!! I'm accepted!! I'm In!!)

From:Josh Roth <fuscian@...>
Date:Thursday, July 29, 1999, 2:38
In a message dated 7/28/1999 6:29:48 PM, neonwave7@JUNO.COM writes:

>> Hmm, that reminds me. I'm going to UC Berkeley (woo!) and I >>seem to remember some other member of the list saying that he/she was >>going there too. > >Yes! I am! Majoring in Linguistics! Holy moly...I guess this makes a >whole three people I know down there now...:) > >What classes are you taking? This is a very pleasant surprise.
I'd like to go to Berkeley.... I'll be a senior this school year, so I'll be=20 applying to colleges pretty soon. I think I'll also apply to UCLA=97I'm not=20 quite sure where else yet. Josh Roth <=97in need of a major update!