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OT Composing (was My homepage is back... some of it anyway

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 18, 2003, 6:23
Danny Wier wrote:

> > > The intro and beginning of the phonology of Tech, and some old MIDI files
> wrote (including an attempt at a piano piece in 13/8 time) -- all of which > were written in 1997. >
I listened to those pieces, and am utterly amazed. If that was actually you playing, I am in awe. But if, as I suspect, it was all done on the computer, then I'm in awe of the program. Were those done with the "Noteworthy Composer" you mentioned the other day? I checked out their website, and although it looks quite complex to me, it seems to be what I (and possibly Sally Caves) might be looking for, since it seems to allow one to notate directly on the screen. I'm curious about a number of things that I didn't see at the website: Is one restricted to the piano? or does the program allow for other instruments? A full orchestra sound? Is it possible to write for more than one instrument (say, violin on one staff, piano on another? Could one add a vocal track or tracks? (obviously with a mike)..... Judging from your pieces, it seems that dynamics and tempo are quite easily played with. But I noticed that the sound in "13" and "Runaway Piano" was much more realistic than in "C"-- was that done with different settings (perhaps more reverb? or simply because the piece has a thinner texture?) Finally, I was pleasantly surprised that your pieces came on and played almost immediately-- Teoh's took quite a while to download. Why? (My computer illiteracy is probably showing).


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