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aknereyazh and noromdya - a conlang is born!

From:Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>
Date:Monday, August 26, 2002, 8:32
Two words extant so far.

The are |aknereyazh| - "Bone Quarter"
and |noromdya| - "demon/ess/unclean spirit"

The language is a creole of Yhe vala lakha and the language of the City

of the two words, |noromdya| is derived from the City language root |noro|
meaning "unclean, evil" while the ending is | "imdya| meaning "spirit, ghost".

While |aknereyazh| is derived mostly from Yhe vala lakha roots, |ak| meaning
bone, derived from |akh| also meaning bone, |nerey| meaning "village/city
quarter" being derived from |nered| meaning "grouping/collection", the
connection in this case being with the word |itaynered| in Yhe vala lakha
meaning "village/a grouping of houses", while the ending |yazh| is clearly
related in some manner to |zha| meaning "impersonal agent".  In this case it
could mean that the |nereyazh| is incorporated in some manner, with officers
to represent its vital interests.

Though since the inhabitants of |aknereyazh| are the descendants of the
outcastes of the Lakhabrech, the Rakhebuitya and the City poor, their
officers don't have the aura of authority of a Lakhabrech liyhita -
midwife/chieftainess, or the much lesser aura shared by the Rakhebuitya
wi'ailukhan - midwife/chieftainess with the iro'an u niye - the leader of the
men, and the ankhayan - the rite singer.

All quiet on the Western Front, huh? ;^)

Wesley Parish

Mau e ki, "He aha te mea nui?"
You ask, "What is the most important thing?"
Maku e ki, "He tangata, he tangata, he tangata."
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