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CHAT: Re : CHAT: Two Halloween Births

From:From Http://Members.Aol.Com/Lassailly/Tunuframe.Html <lassailly@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 3, 1999, 9:58
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 02/11/99 23:08:59  , Iisem a =E9crit :

> and if i seem a little excited, well i am. on Halloween Night (Samhain)=
=20 my=20
>=20 > long awaited daughter Eive Alyse Larsen was born!!!! she was born at=20
> hrs, 6 lbs. 7 oz. 19 inches long.
Congratulation to you and your wife.
> also on that night i began work on a new language ilh=F2ret. it has a=20 > non-fixed word order with affixes for subject, object, verb etc... and=20
> other (modals?) not realy much else on it though... it's still very=20 > preliminary.=20 >=20
Do you mean you can conlang the day you have a child ? Or is it because you have a child that you started a new conlang ? mathias