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Re: CHAT: Aramaic whores in Hungary? (Was: Re: vulgarisms)

From:lucasso <lucasso@...>
Date:Sunday, November 15, 1998, 20:30
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Data: 14 listopada 1998 09:55
Temat: CHAT: Aramaic whores in Hungary? (Was: Re: vulgarisms)

>Frank George Valoczy wrote: >> >[...] >> >> Hehe, then you prolly shouldn't learn magyar...we use God's name in va=
>> all the time, e.g. "basszon valagba a kurva Isten" (May the whore God >> fuck your ass). Tha't only the tip of the iceberg. >> > >Just out of interest, which of the words in Hungarian means "whore"? The >reason I ask is because if it is kurva, do you know the origin of the >word? I don't know Hungarian, but it doesn't look like your typical >Hungarian word. Kurva is an Aramaic word for whore used in Hebrew.... It >would be kind of fun if that was where it came from (via the >once-enormous Jewish community in Hungary). I've encountered similar >Hebrew/Yiddish words still used in modern German slang, even though >no-one I heard use them knew their origin (e.g. ganeff=3Dthief, >meshiga=3Dcrazy).
wait the minute!!! polish have word 'kurwa' with the same pronountiation. polish and hungarian cultures was rather friendly and bit connected. my father said that 'kurwa' is from latin curvus->(fem)curva->kurwa so whats the truth? i don't know now nothing!!! -- lucasso