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"PC" anecdote--actually language related

From:Bryan Maloney <bjm10@...>
Date:Thursday, May 20, 1999, 14:14
This is purely anecdotal, so it's just a data point, not a conclusion.
My first encounter with the terms "Politically Correct" and "PC" (the
latter in a non-gaming context) was actually from the mouths of people I
would presume to be fairly liberal.  This was back at Earlham College,
and members of CISLA (Committee in Solidarity with Latin America), a
student club devoted mostly to promoting the Sandinistas at that time
(although they did broaden their agenda later) were discussing whether or
not certain South American products should be purchased.

(Aside:  From many perspectives, this is actually a valid question to
ask.  One should always consider the complete production stream of the
things you buy.  If what happens along the line doesn't bother you,
that's your decision, but persisting in wilfull ignorance is another matter.)

In any case, it was determined by this committee that most such goods
were not "politically correct" to purchase due to various production
issues.  However, since "Cafe Nica" sent money to the Sandinista
government of Nicaragua (or so its distributors claimed), it was a
"politically correct" coffee to purchase.

As another aside, a few years later, I watched I, Claudius in reruns and
was struck by something:  Years before the current version of "PC" in
English, the term "politically correct" was used.  It was used in
reference to an action that was distasteful but deemed necessary for the
good of the government of a region, with veiled reference to the
execution of Claudius's wife for adultery as an appropriate parallel.