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Hanleni halsen goes Adoru e Eyoyai

From:Mia Soderquist <tuozine@...>
Date:Sunday, July 4, 1999, 5:10
This is a little language made for a bit of roleplaying. It is mostly
a relex, as it was designed specifically for a few of monolingual
English speaking Americans. :) This is one of several micro-projects I
have been toying with for the last week. The computer was kind enough to
generate the words for me, which I have been tweaking here and there.
The language is called Yufora.

Adoru e Eyoyai
Starlings' Song

Eyoyai ivoru isugei sutai e kulapo
Sivai ozei divata tomai amaki e te
Sivai oveso lolaija udeiso teipei
Ixala ixairi neta e tilai?
Eyoyai      ivoru isugei sutai    e  kulapo
Starling(s) sing  about  deed(s)  of hero(es)

Sivai  ozei    divata tomai    amaki  e  te
During morning heron  wash(es) garment of him

Sivai  oveso lolaija udeiso  teipei
During night lark    worship star(s)

Ixala ixairi        neta          e  tilai?
Who   understand(s) inner-essence of bird(s)?

Te is a nice epicene 3rd person pronoun. There is a masculine and a
feminine 3rd person, but I don't expect them to get much use.
My first draft had "Irela use" ("which person") instead of "Ixala"
[iSala] ("who"), but then I decided I liked the sound of "Ixala
ixairi" very much.
"Amaki" was originally "aimaki", but I found it difficult to say
"tomai aimaki" very smoothly, so I changed it. (BEHOLD THE POWER OF
THE CONLANGER!) I selected "adoru" for "song" since I already had
"ivoru" for "sing", but there is no particular meaning of "iv-" or
"ad-". Yet. :)
I chose "inner essence" (neta) for "true nature". I hope that fits.

I have recorded this in a .wav file. Might as well climb on the
bandwagon too. I am going to convert it to a couple of other formats,
but I might stick to the .wav.... Y'all will be seing it on my
completely new Conlang page, which will include updates on all my
languages, great and small. Even an ea-luna dictionary and complete
grammar, if I quit being so lazy. But at very least the entire existing
Yufora lexicon, the Simbai lexicon, and updates on Siidmak and Merahai.
And I will put some recordings up, because I have enjoyed hearing other
people's languages so much...

No, I'm not going to sing. :)

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