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Re: Phonomic & Phonetic writing [was; pseudo welsh etc]

From:Barbara Barrett <barbarabarrett@...>
Date:Friday, August 23, 2002, 7:53
Muke Miked;
> Or English [V]/[@], where the first is usually spelled "u" (hut, > mutton..), and > the second usualy not spelled "u"...
(NB I use ;v and ;c for this pair) but as a minimal pair between them how about "done (finished) and dun (off-brown) both [d;vn] to dawn [d;cn] indeed as to the english ear the two back rounded vowels usially sound like variants of "weak o" why would anyone want to represent them as "u" anyway? The Minimal pair is usally given as /d;@n/ "Don" and /d;cn/ dawn - whuch is also a test of accent as many english acents use only one weak "o" sound. Barbara