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Primers to Drytok and Umod in PDF

From:Donald Boozer <donaldboozer@...>
Date:Sunday, January 18, 2009, 23:48
At the risk of presenting material "not quite ready for primetime," I would like
to share my current works-in-progress. I am using Thomas Payne's Describing
Morphosyntax to create introductions to my conlangs Drytok and Umod. Those of
you at LCC2 may remember my voiceless, gestural conlang (Drytok). I've finally
begun to expand my understanding of it and am working on the primer bit by bit.
Umod is the language of the Tylnor (of the same world as the Drushek who speak
Drytok). Tylnor and Drushek have had a complicated relationship within the
conworld of Kryslan.
As I mentioned these are both works-in-progress. I'm not asking for proofreading
or anything like that. I just felt ready to make them available in their
current form for anyone curious as to how the conlangs were going. If anyone
happens to have constructive criticism though, that is always welcome. So,
without further ado, for those interested:
The file for Drytok:
The PDF file for the Umod primer is: