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interesting idiom, Taalennin, and an IPA question

From:Aidan Grey <grey@...>
Date:Friday, March 29, 2002, 23:10
   I met with a conlanging friend in the area today, and talking about our
langs inspired me some. The weekly vocab idea is part of that inspiration
(though I'd been thinking about it for a while). Another result is that I
just have to post on every idea that occurs to me - apologies in advance if
it's annoying.

   Anyway, I came across an interesting idiom / metaphor in a book I've
been reading. Someone "sipped from a pipe". I think that's an incredibly
neat idea, and one I'm incorporating into Taalennin.

   from *SUKh: drink [onomatopoeic, but poss. also from E. suck]

   such /'su:x/ : drink, eat (soup) ; smoke
      imperf. sunce, pret. assuce, fut. sucura. irr. soeca
   suchel /'su:.xEl/ : pipe
   sulhach /'su:.K@x/ : cigarette (lit. little pipe)
   etsucra / : no smoking (lit. there will not be smoking)
        en- NEG + sucra future conjunct form

   Related to recent posts on politeness, it seems to me that the common
imperative (actually just the irrealis used hortatively or jussively) is
actually a polite command. The future can be used similarly, but then it
implies that action _will be taken!_, and is therefore less polite and more

   Finally, my IPA question: I know that methods of demarking
pronunciations and lexemes and meanings vary all over the place on list,
but what is the standard academic format for these things? If I want to
write a grammar that would (theoretically) fool a linguist, what is the
proper / standard way to format pronunciations and such?