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High Sihde Language

From:Daniel Sauve <ahsdreamwalker@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 19, 2000, 22:42
Okay, so I've made elves an alien race in a universe I'm writing about. I'm
begining to stetch out the language of one of the Kiths (races, roughly) and
here's the thoughts I had so far. Bare in mind, this is A) my first ground up
attempt at a language and b) very rough.

1) grammar "Matrix" of three genders (Female, Neuter, Male) and three emotive
states (Positive, Neutral, Negative) for nouns and verbs which can be combined
in nine pairs (for Example: Female Positive, Neuter Negative) The gemder decides
the addition to the word, the emotive where the addition is inserted (for
example, Neutral splits the word roughly in half by sylybal.

2) Names ("proper names" in an English context) are very important in Sihde;
there is no concept of a used "pronouon", though gender is integrated in names.

3) Tenses handled by a "time" article connected to those words in any tense but
present (past might go before and future after, not sure)

4) the few words I've come up with reflect a bit on my first and distant second
language (English and french respectively) and the way Japanese sounds to me.

Am I a bit too complex? I have some ideas for dialects already, that for example
drop tense or some emotives/ genders, use different additions...
Daniel Sauve
"Delirious Raven"
The Delirium of Being Daniel