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Is this already a conlang?

From:Holger Ebermann <holger800@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 16:27
Ok, it's not quite a serious question, but I found these "fragments" of an
invented language within a book of BO CARPELAN: JULIUS BLOM - ETT HUVUD FÖR
SIG. Stockholm 1982.

There is a little boy who invents a language to talk to plants and animals.
He speaks out some words only, but the author tells us, that even Julius,
the main acting person and (fictional) inventor of the language, doesn't
know their meaning. The words are (cited from the german translation 1986,
but I think the words remained unchanged):

"Bombala! Danios! Uhuru! Sta maj? Biba!"

And then it ends, all the book there is never anything about the language
again. The word-material is quite bad, one can only find out that there are
capital letters and at least an alphabet of

a b d i j m n o r s t u

But nothing can be said about the meaning of the words...

So, I only wanted to share my fascination for this little fragment and I
hope you enjoy this as much as I did :) Greetings from Leipzig, Holger.