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Re: Consonant Table

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, April 4, 2003, 0:41
From: "Roger Mills" <romilly@...>

> Offhand, I'd go with the "tj, dj"writing too, or some diacritic to
> the palatalization ( "t, " or "t' " are frequent though ugly; "ty" etc.
> maybe). Of course in romanization, "ti-V" would work. > A question: can your "ti" et al. occur before /i/? i.e. could there be a > word/syllable written "tii..."? IIRC that's possible in Russian
> N" palatalizes, while."61" doesn't, though 61 I think is not quite [i]...)
Jery, or bI, is [1] or even [M], a high central (or back) unrounded vowel. Similar to Turkish dotless I, Romanian A-circumflex, Welsh long Y and U (in Northern Wales), and Scots Gaelic AO (I think). And don't forget Japanese U, at least in Tokyo. I love that vowel, by the way.
> >I've gone stop mad suddenly lol... I was > > thinking about adding a set of palatised velar consonants (because PIE > > has them, and it was reading about PIE that made me add so many stops in > > the first place). > > > Yes, but the palatalized velars didn't last long.......:-)
They stuck around in Sanskrit a while, I think...