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Non-linear full-2d writing systems: request for summarized arguments / issues to address

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Friday, February 17, 2006, 10:10
Hello all.

I've started actually writing the promised manifesto for my concept of

As a meta question, I would like to ask everyone who has an opinion on
the matter (previously voiced or otherwise) - or who has contributed
arguments to the previous discussions about it - to please remind me
(in brief) what they were, that I may address them in the paper.

Explicitly, PLEASE DO NOT DISCUSS them on this thread (I will not
respond to the substance of them, though I may ask for clarification
or elaboration if the reminder isn't enough); I am just asking for
summarized versions. Include any points you'd like me to cover (or
that I've said I would), things to make sure I clarify,
counterarguments, questions of plausibility or practicability, etc
etc. Please include both large and small points, even if they're
obvious (in case I forget).

I would like my paper to be as thorough as possible. While I do not
expect it to necessarily convince everyone that my way is best (ha), I
do expect it to give a complete and clear idea of what I am getting
at, how I think it can be done, what I think the consequences would
be, why I care, how to address all of the significant issues or
rebuttals, and how other systems (whether actual implementations or
other nonlinear and/or 2d concepts) apply. The paper will assume no
foreknowledge of the concept, so please include any points that may
have been confusing to you when first introduced / getting used to the

* describing events that occur over time is intrinsically linear; how
to handle that?
* with an any-to-any connectivity, and 'wire'-analagous connections on
a flat 2d surface, you run into a routing problem isomorphic to
circuitry wiring collisions
* a grid-based system has [fill in here] beneficial properties that a
nonfixed system would not. Justify using the latter.
* what would "connections" look like?

Feel free to either post them to the list, or to email me directly.

I hope to have at least a first draft of this done within a couple
weeks. Definitely done (or at least a decent version thereof) by the
time of the conference, where I'll be presenting it formally.


 - Sai

P.S. I just got the idea of asking one of the linguistics profs to
sponsor this as an honors thesis. I wonder how that'll go over...