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MUPAK - McVeagh's Unicode Phonetic Alphabet Keyboard!

From:Mat McVeagh <matmcv@...>
Date:Sunday, November 17, 2002, 1:32
Hi, fellow conlangers! I am taking a brief break from nomail to tell you
this: I have just designed version 1 of a new keyboard driver to type IPA
characters using a Unicode font. I am calling it "MUPAK" - "McVeagh's
Unicode Phonetic Alphabet Keyboard" - and I've got all the details as well
as downloads on my new site:

It uses Tavultesoft Keyman of course. If this one is a success I may try
using other keyboard-making software. N.B. when it says "Do you have
permission to install this keyboard?" click "Yes". You *do* have my
permission, LOL! I hope to get rid of that little hindrance in future

There are many problems with this version 1, which is just a test version.
Please reply with your suggestions, observations, help, alterations. But
please hurry because I will only be able to use the keyboard editor for
another 15 days. N.B. I will still be nomail so please bung my own email
address in one of the To fields to make sure I read what you say.

Yours with some pride,

Mat McVeagh

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