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Re: Spreading the Conlang Gospel

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 24, 2006, 0:02
--- Donald Boozer <donaldboozer@...> wrote:
> Even briefer bio: goateed, straight, married (2 > kids), > right-handed, of (distant) > Swiss-Celtic-German-English > descent (My most recent immigrant ancestor came from > Switzerland in 1806).
Mine was 1865 from England, but even *her* father was an American from Maryland who just happend to marry in England and have his children there for some unknown reason. Appearantly, the wife died in England and the husband moved the children (at least one daughter and one son in addition to my g-g-grandmother) to Texas. I have yet to positively identify my next most recent immigrant, but he or she had to be before the 1830's. The next *identified* immigrants are in the late colonial period with my French Hugenot line coming in the 1620's IIRC to Virginia and marrying a girl who had been born here. Adam who is going to Georgia on Saturday to look for dead people Debostu indagud ul Erodu segredimindi cuamandu uls magus pera ul tembu djil aparechuni djal steja, 8 ed remichud sis ad Betuemi, dichindu: «Cumvi avinedis iju indagadi djudjindimindi djal credura, ed cumvi discuvredis si dadi mivi saberi pera fi ia ju ed adori ju sivi magari.» Machu 2:7-8