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Re: Ustekkli: a new project (longish)

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Friday, February 8, 2002, 4:28
> >I don't get this. If the stress rules ignore weight in the input, > >then you can have double VV and CC in the input, and then reduce > >them to V and C in unstressed syllables. > > Yes, but which do you have underlyingly? Input VV implies that vowel > length is the distinctive opposition, while input CC implies that > consonant length is the distinctive opposition. Marking both > introduces redundancy in inputs, since vowel length and consonant > gemination are in complementary distribution in stressed syllables. I > don't think that either opposition is basic; hence my introduction of > syllable contact.
Huh? They're not in complementary distribution: they're contrastive. nikkra versus niikra. They can't cooccur, but that can be captured as a constraint on syllable-structure: stressed sylls have bimoraic rimes and unstressed have unimoraic.
> >(E.g. Livagian phonology must conform to the principles that word > >boundaries can be derived by rule from phonological strings and > >that the phonology be analysable as a combinatorial system of > >phonotactically unconstrained units.) > > Hey. That reminds me. You promised me a copy of the description of > current Livagian phonology ...
Did I? Well I'm halfway through a new improved version, so I'll hold off until it's done. (My birthday treat to myself was to stay up all night writing the first half.) --And.


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