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fictional worlds (Wesley P.)

From:Santiago <sanctifeld@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 13, 2002, 4:04
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From: Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>
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Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2002 7:46 AM
Subject: Re: fictional worlds

> The languages I am irresponsible for are the direct outcome of my fiddling > with the keyboard with the aim of trying to write something readable,
> inspired by Tolkien, Leiber, Ballard, Peake, Dick, Ellison, Le Guin and > others. (Rather unworthily - Praleyo's a saint, and Vheratsho's a bitch, > while Akhriech's a total can-do woman with an eye out for making sure > everything is _just so_.) It can be a powerful reason to actually get and
> it, making a language to fit into and be consistent with a culture you
> built up to write stories about. > > So, go for it. If you still want to write after reading my tirade, that
> ;^) > > Wesley Parish >
Would you explain to me those statements, please? Where are the pronouns are where the verbs? Mau e ki > You ask Maku e ki > I reply Thank you for your advice :) Santiago


Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>