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Re: Judajca

From:Roberto Suarez Soto <ask4it@...>
Date:Sunday, August 25, 2002, 16:54
On Aug/24/2002, BP Jonsson wrote:

> Not exactly a coincidence, actually! _Lucus_ means "grove" or "thicket" in > Latin. It also happens to be the cognate of the Sanskrit word for "world"!
Nice. It's said that it was some kind of "holy grove", so it makes sense. And besides, the "Lug god" theory never seemed too plausible to me: if I were a dreadful conqueror, the last thing I'd do would be naming my city after one of the conquered's gods ;-)
> Welcome to the list, then. Am I guessing right that you are in Portugal?
Well, this could bear a long explanation, not empty of political and nationalistic tones, but to make it short: no :-) I'm from Galicia, which is right at the top of Portugal, but part of Spain. Portugal and Galicia were the same thing until XII or XIII century, and their language (galician-portuguese, as they call it, a romance language "sister" of the rest of spanish romance languages) was also the same. They after became part of the Kingdom of Spain, and yet after splitted because Portugal was given to one of the king's daughter and Galicia remained under the King's dominion. All of this IIRC: it was long ago that I studied these things :-) Anyway, there was the usual political strife, and Portugal became independant. The languages became also different, because portuguese inherited a more "arabic" feel while spreading south (as I've been told, I may be wrong), while galician took more from its neighbour, spanish. Which, BTW, was imposed by the kings as official language. Galician has a long history of abuse and despise :-) There's a lot more that I could say about this, but I think you could find more exact information on the web :-) A few random anecdotic facts / touristic plugs: - According to the legend, Ireland was founded by Breogan (or was it his son?), a galician leader. Today, Lugo's "official" basketball team is named after him. - Galicia is considered one of the "celtic countries", because its strong celtic culture and traditions, as its name tells and its popular music clearly exposes. - Though Franco (the dictator of Spain from 1939 to 1975) was very anti-galician (very anti-nationalistic, in fact), he himself was galician :-) - Galicia has a lot of roman heritage, including Lugo's roman wall, which is 2000 years old, 6 meters high, surrounds the city center, and needs some good cleaning and fixing. - The christian apostol Santiago (James? Jack? I don't know how you call him there) is buried in Galicia, in the city that is named after him: Santiago de Compostela. - Galicia has almost half of all the villages of Spain; not because it's big, but because its population is very dispersed and almost every two houses are a different village :-) - Julio Iglesias, the famous singer, is galician. Though we usually don't speak too much about it ;-) - Last year's (2001-2002) national soccer league was won by the Deportivo de la Coruña, a galician team, breaking the usual domination of Real Madrid and CF Barcelona. Forza Depor! :-) And I'll stop, because I think I was a bit carried away O:-) -- Roberto Suarez Soto


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