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Re: Verb specificity (Was: Re: Natural Order of Events)

From:Matthew Turnbull <ave.jor@...>
Date:Friday, January 30, 2009, 4:50
In my school there was just kind of a "don't do that" mentality and a
"bon parler francais" award, where every time a surveillant heard you
speak french outside of class, they gave you a little ticket you write
your name on and put in for a prize draw, there was a bit of a
competition between the grades to see who could win the most, because
the draws were broken down by class. Also, all assignments, in
addition to the content grade, have a language grade, that reflects on
the grammaticalness of the french used to write the assignment.
I am now in a french university (Collège universitaire de
Saint-Boniface) in Winnipeg, and one time a spoke to a Prof in English
(his first language) and one of friends who was nearby joked that I
have broken the law, so I would describe the system and more of a
diglossia than a language learning environment, and it was similarly
in my immersion program.