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Swearing in other cultures(was: On nerds and dreamers)

From:Cristina Escalante <cristina@...>
Date:Thursday, March 3, 2005, 4:42
> "Roger Mills" <rfmilly@...> wrote: > >> Someone commented that what's obscene (or just merely insulting) >> would depend on the conculture. And I suspect many of of have >> overlooked that-- > I >> know I have, in many cases, and ought to devote more thought to >> getting > away >> from the defecatory/sexual obscenities that _we_ consider so >> horrible. I wonder if it's a Judaeo-Christian (+Islamic) thing...:-)) >> >> Any comments about other cultures/traditions? nat- as well as con-?
>Behalf Of # 1 >In Quebec, "geek" isn't used and "nerd", borrowed from north american >english, is used negatively > >Here, a nerd is someone who has for only passions things that are
>done only in school by most of the people and who has no friends > >These school's passions may be Mathematics, Hystory, Geography,
>and, unfortunately, Languages > >Someone whose hobby is to learn things when he doesn't ought to is a
> > >Having a reputation of "nerd" here isn't a good thing and nobody will
>themself saying "I'm a nerd and I'm proud to be" because it is very >negative. > >-Max
Hey, an insult having nothing to do with sex, any other bodily function or religion! On a related note, among my former circle of friends, to be a "person who studies" was considered laughingly low, as in "Pah, she's nothing, she studies". Not taken (completely) seriously, of course, being a "studier" was still a good fraction of how a person's worth was measured. Oh, one was supposed to make stellar grades withought the study. Now these kiddies are on their way to the mythical ivy covered walls of academia... --Cristina