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Re: A Grammar for a Pictographic conlang

From:Rik Roots <rik@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 19:50
Gary Shannon wrote:
> --- On Wed, 12/17/08, Rik Roots <rik@...> wrote: > > >> From: Rik Roots <rik@...> >> > ... > >> The original sentence is given first, >> then the literal meaning of each pictograph, and then the >> pictographs." from the website - the link to the graded >> sentences doesn't work for me. Is the file on the >> server? >> > > Go to <> and look under "Some Conlang Resources". There > you will find links to several files containing the sentences, plus a link to > the text of McGuffey's Reader, a beginning reading book from the 1800's. > > --gary > >
Many thanks. Reading through, I see it's a learning text (for English) rather than a testing text - which is not /quite/ what I'm after. Rik


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