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CHAT: and it was bad enuff that the Cowboys lost again...

From:Daniel A. Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 20, 1999, 22:27

This is turning out to be one rotten week.  Somebody sent me about 2000
e-mails and I can't read my messages, so I haven't the foggiest idea what's
going on in conlang...

Anyway, pray to J this gets cleared up soon.  I just wanted to let you know
I'm still working on the homepage:

Some of the links are bad.  But I some info on Tech up, and I'm also trying
to put up the current list of Tech roots.  Finally, I know what the language
is going to look/sound like!

My main problems are: trying to adapt Ge'ez script to a language with a
phonology from hell.  I'll need quite a few diacritics, especially to mark
syllable inversion (CV > VC) which occurs very frequently.  Also: consonant
gemination/fortition (which is marked with two dots above the CV symbol),
vowel fronting and rounding (I got a vowel harmony/umlaut system in the
works), and mutations of consonants which is lenition, spirantization and
nasalization.  And vowels can be nasalized (normal from <n>, labialized from
<m> like Portuguese a~ o, rhoticized, lateralized, and 'laryngealized'.  Oh
yeah, consonants are neutral, palatized, labiovelarized, and maybe
labiopalatized and velarized/'emphatic'

So far, I got about eh... 400 consonants and 100 vowels, give or take.
Believe it or not, my arrival at such a huge phonology is pretty systematic.
  (I like that I can make a verb negative by 'nasalizing' a consonant:

ka"-a"t-ba" [kh&Tb@] 'he wrote'
n-ka"-a"t-ba [Nh&Tb@]  'he didn't write'
     ([Nh] = voiceless 'eng')

k'a"-a"t  [q'&T]  'cat'
n-k'a"-a"t  [Ng'&T]  'no cat(s)'
     ([Ng' = implosive velar nasal)

And so on.  I'll try to get more later.  (I got some cute-sounding words;
for example <t'a-p'a> 'he hit (target)', has a variety of meanings,
including 'to score a goal', 'to be correct', 'to succeed', 'to reach', 'to
have sexual relations with' (you can also say 'know'), 'to come up with a
great idea'...

Now I'm gonna go 'tap' to the store...


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