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Re: American curriculum (fue: Language family trees)

From:Tristan <kesuari@...>
Date:Monday, February 3, 2003, 8:12
Sorry for this. I meant to send it privately.


On 2003.02.03 18:38 Tristan wrote:
> On 2003.02.03 09:51 Christopher Wright wrote: >> Robert Wilson cuendalve: >> >they complain about evolution being taught as if it >> >has been scientifically proven when it is really nothing more than a >> >guess with very little scientific evidence to support it. >> >> And Christianity, as a strong influence on the whole world and the US >> in >> particular, should have at least as much time in American schools as >> any >> other religion, perhaps more. But I have no desire to start a >> flamewar >> here; I'll make another list on Yahoo for this purpose *if need be*. >> Email me privately if you'd like me to do so. > > Some subsections of Islam have had quite a strong influence on the > whole world and US foreign policy as well, I would say. I hardly > would've thought the Christian influence currently exerted would've > amounted to much, except in the odd fossilised holiday like Christmas > or Easter, which're hardly Christian holidays any more (we don't have > Thanksgiving here in Oz, but to me it seems that the difference > between > Christmas and Thanksgiving is that gifts are given at the former...). > > And how much time in American state schools is given to non-Christian > religions? I only went to a state school for the last four years of > high school (we don't distinguish b/n junior and senior high like you > guys), but religion (XP or otherwise) was covered on all of maybe no > occasions (meantioned when relevent, yes, taught, no). > > Tristan.