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Babel Text in Jases Lalal (Hemana-ye)

From:John L. Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Monday, February 23, 2004, 3:24
Herewith the Babel text in Jases Lalal, the language the Rihana-ye folk (who
are unfriendly neighbors) call Hemana-ye. Doing this has pushed the Jases
vocabulary to 511, breaking the 500 barrier. However, the language has
recently undergone and is still undergoing a major revision, so this must be
considered tentative. There are still significant Rihana-ye elements I (or officially
the priests of the rather fanatically xenophobic local religion) are trying
to purge. All the prepositions and verbs have recently been revised, and
sentence word order is subject to furtrther change.
John Leland

Jases Lalyl Babel Lawal
Fatherland's language-in Babel Record

1. A janyz hahha sasas ja lalol fahah dafah lananoh babkaj.
This time-at all earth one language and few words had.
2.Fahah babahzajys kavav babvahav babah Sinyr nanos
And people east from were going people Sinar-in plain
nawvahaj fahah sahsahaj. Fahah babah babih bablahaj
found and settled. 3. And people people-to said
"Babyhyz, nasob babsyhaz fahah hahhu badoh pazsyhyz.
"Come, bricks let us make and totally them let us burn.
Fahah babah nasob sakuk jalah fahah sakam samum
And people bricks stone as and bitumen mortar
jalah babkahaj. 4. Janav babah bablahaj "Babvyhyz
as had.  Then people said "Come
babaf babif sahos babsyhyz fahah jasoh fahah jaseh
we us-for city build and citadel and citadel's
jasab zasasyh, fahah babih babeh lalob babsyhyz
roof heavens-in, and us-for our name should make
dafav babaf badvymyny  kavaj hahha sases babnyx.
lest we will be scattered abroad all earth's face-in.
5. Fahah Zabaj navav babvaj sahos fahah jasoh babeh babanah
And  Lord    down came city and citadel people's sons
babsahap babwawa. Fahah Zabaj bablaj: "Babwaz babah
had built to see. 6. And Lord said: "See people
ja babah fahah babah hahha ja lalol bablaha
one people and people all one language speak
fahah a dafaj jawas basaheh babah babsahan.
and this only beginning of deeds people will do.
fahah dadoh babah babsahawa babtahan a janyz
and  nothing people to do will desire this time-in
babih dadha babban. 7.Babvyhynyz babaf navav
people-to impossible will be.  Come we down
babvyhynyz fahah vavys babeh lalol dawlyhynyz
let us go and there-in people's language let us confuse.
Y kavav babah babeh lalol bawlahanar
This from people people's speech not understand
8. Y kavav Zabaj baboh dakvaj vavys kavav hahha
This from Lord people scattered there from all
sases banyx fahah babah sahos bassahajar
earth'sface-in and people city did not build.
Y kavav sahes lalob Babel hahak vavys Zabaj hahha
9. This from city's name Babel because there Lord all
sases lalob dawlaj fahah vavys kavav Zabaj baboh
earth's language confused ands there from Lord people
bavaj hahha sases banyx dakvaj.
abroad all earth's face-in scattered.