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Rihana: Hetiha: Sehahuzu 3

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Sunday, June 13, 2004, 22:40
I omit Sehahuzu 2, which I already circulated as Hetiba-ye Diha-fe 13. The
following story is a version of a well-known social-bandit type legend; the
cart-in-the-gate trick
in particular has appeared in many places.  My personal favorite is in Werner
F. Schmidt's Forests of Adventure.
There is a Rihana-ye version of this story, but I am only sending the Kushy
Yemu version today, as it is fairly long. The ending of this version is

Language notes:  In this version the plural form used is -ty (-big), rather
than the more elaborate y-tyko (many-of). The use of -ty as plural is analogous
to the use of -tece
(big, great) as plural suffix in Natece, though there is no conhistorical
link between those two languages.
As with most Kushy Yemu (post-conquest) texts, the sentence structure and
idioms show strong Rihana-ye influence.  Aside from word order (postpositional
one obvious example is "dedana elu" "what from" to mean "why" which is really
translation of the Rihana-ye hele(ha)-kere. On the other hands, the use of
dedan (do) is more authentically Kushy Yemu, especially when it is used for
"pretend to  be."
Note that tyyoyova really does mean centurion (commander of 100) though the
equivalent Rihana-ye rank is really myhati (commander of 81) as I mentioned
John Leland

Dayala nono Sahahuzu Ko
Peasantwoman and Blackwind One

Dayala Sehahuzu eku meedan. Luyala
Peasant woman Blackwind to came. She
meminysudan. Lugava luyala-eku menymudan:
wept.         He her-to asked:
"Dedana elu noya minysudan?"
What from you weep?"
Luyala luyava-eku menoemudan:
She him-to replied:
"Kuya y lyva kumeelu dehate madan.
My husband next day dies.
Seyana y vyya-ty y tyya lyva eku memudan
Desert of warriors of lord husband-to said
luyava vyya dadan tymudan, sesenono
he warrior make order, but
kuya y lyva menoemudan se dedan.
my husband replied (he) not do
Elude tyya tymudan luyava y vaya (vyya-ty?)
So lord ordered his soldier (s)
kuya y lyva vyeludan nono vy madan."
my husband take and kill.
Ku mekidan, Sehahuzu luyala-eku memudan:
This heard, Blackwind her-to said:
Kuya noya y lyva ku sefy tyya-elu
I your husband this evil lord-from
Elude Sehahuzu meye ya medadan nono
So Blackwind old man did (i.e. pretended to be) and
tyya y vysha-eku meedan.
lord's fort-to went.
Vysha y esha y tyyoyova
Fort's gate's centurion
Sehahuzu-eku menymudan:
Blackwid-to asked:
"Noya ku vysha-kude ke dadan?"
You this fort-at what do?
Luyava tyyoyova eku menoemudan:
He centurion-to replied
"Ny kuya demeye ya.
Humble I old man.
Kuya nono kuya y eta
I and my cart
vysha-eku ga eludan. "
fort-to food bring."
Ku mekidan, tyyoyova memudan
This heard, centurion said
luyava esha-kude edan.
he gate-at come.
Kue Sehahuzu esha kude meedan
So Blackwind gate-at came
sesenono esha y nonony ena se meedan.
but gate-of halfway not went (stopped).
Metyya eta-elu vymata meeludan
Hero cart-from sword took
nono tyyoyova mevymadan.
and centurion killed.
Ku-meelu, setyya-ty y tyko vysha eku meedan.
This-after rebels of many fort-to came...

Copied 4.1.04