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Constructive Criticism Appreciated

From:william drewery <will65610@...>
Date:Friday, July 9, 2004, 20:58
I'm just about finished with the phoneme inventory of
a language of mine, and was hoping to illicit some
helpful oppinions/criticisms of what I have so far:

with C=consonant, then:
C=aspirated       C`=pharyngealized
C'=ejective       C,=pharyngealized-ejective

p t k q  bilabial, dental, velar and uvular stops.
p' t' k' q'
p` t` k`
p, t, k,
f f' labiodental fricatives.
ts ts' dental affricates (like "splits").
th th' th` th, dental fricatives (like "think").
c c' c` c, alveolar affricates (like "cheese").
s s' s` s, alveolar hisses (like "sleep").
sh sh' post-alveolar hushes (like "shoot").
tl tl' tl` tl, lateral-release alveolar affricates.
kl kl' lateral-release velar affricates.
r voiced alveolar trill.
rh voiceless alveolar trill.
l voiced alveolar lateral fricative.
lh lh' aspirated and ejective voiceless alveolar
       lateral fricative.
gh qh qh' voiced, voiceless and ejective uvular
@ H H' voiced, voiceless and ejective pharyngeal
! epiglottal stop (ejective pharyngeal stop).
X Xh voiced and voiceless epiglottal trill/fricatives.
w y bilabial and palatal glides.

It hardly seems right to list w and y, since the serve
mainly to labialize or palatize and preceding
I'm not sure if I will add nasals. The consonant
inventory is already rather large, but I'm OK with
that, and I really like all the secondary
However, I'm thinking of adding a really odd series of
consonants, just for grins and giggles. They would be
P T Q TH S TL (you can guess the primary articulations
I'm sure, my transcriptions aren't terribly creative).
These would be sort of aspirated-pharyngealized, sort
of like the "strident" phonation of !Xoo, but here it
would be just a consonantal feature.

I'll list the vowels latter, 'cause right now I can't
get my keyboard to spell them right. Hope to hear your
responses soon.

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