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introducing sseyavven, a multiple grammar lang

From:Gressett, David <david.gressett@...>
Date:Friday, April 28, 2000, 15:13
I have been working on this project for about ten years, but it was only in
the last two years, when I began delving into this list, that I acquired the
linguistic maturity to fully express my ideas. I guess you could try to
classify it as another logical lang. But some of the sseyavven grammars have
features directly in conflict the the features of logical langs.

For example, I wanted both efficiency and precision, without ambiguity. To a
certain extent, you can force fit these features together. But to get full
speed, precision must be sacrificed. To have full precision, more syllables
are required. At the same time, I didn't want tones and a wierd phonology
that would be too difficult to speak. Now you begin to see even more
contradictions in goals.

So I developed several different prototype grammars, each having their
strengths and weaknesses. I tried to choose just one, a truly wrenching
experience. In the end, in a huge eureka, I decided to choose them all. The
speaker may choose whatever grammar is best suited for his speech act (or
thinking act).

They share a common lexicon and have several overlapping aspects. Here are
the various tongues of sseyavven:

        The common grammar, where I define all of the overlapping bits. I
have fleshed this out fully in my mind, and have nearly finished describing
it on paper.

        This is the logical grammar. Yavmep is a compound word meaning
"precision language" I have several good ideas about its structure, and
several prototype versions. The core concept is building a tree (think
outline) structure into the sentence as compactly as possible. It also has
efficiency features, but precision takes precedence.

        "Terse language". Yavspreik's function is speed, terseness. It still
builds the sentence tree, but does so more ambiguously. It marks moving up
or down branches, but doesn't specify exact level. It does so by word order,
with the ordinary VSO being either root or level(s) up, and SVO being levels
down. I have a good collection of methods to apply here, but I need more.

        "Descriptive language". This tongue is designed to describe physical
scenes in rich, precise detail. If you have ever written a scene in a
ray-tracer's scene description language, you have some idea what this
grammar might do. Description of form, motion, texture, color, placement,
and also sound, smell, etc will have compact, precise mechanisms for
description. I had developed a structure similar to NGL vector space tense
and now I am doubly pleased to see the same ideas sprout up in different
forms in NGL.

        "Provacative language". Creativity has been another long going pet
research project of mine, and I have collected and synthesized a large
number of ideas in this area. Yavsev will help you think in terms of ideas.
It's grammar is very good at moving up and down abstraction trees, and has a
number of provocative (idea sparking) kind of statements to kick-start the

        A role based grammar. Something like allnoun, for example, except
with more mindfulness to agent, patient, and focus roles being marked.

        Analytical grammar, constructs systems of interconnected questions,
that I call question tapestries.

        Systemic grammar, constructs models of dynamic systems, along the
lines of "systems thinking".

        Mathematical grammer. Nuff said.

        Metaphorical, poetic grammar. Links features between the metaphor
and its descriptee succintly, narrowing interpretation. A lang for artistic
expression. I still have much to think about for this grammar.

That's the inventory so far. I still am searching for ideas for a few more
grammars that would serve sseyavven's purpose, which is to provide rich,
efficient means for every kind of high thinking and noble discourse.

I would appreciate any ideas for additional grammars. This is the funnest
part for me, so I don't mind prolonging it as much as possible. I have
learned much from all of your langs and must express appreciation again for
helping me to plant and water the seeds of this fruit.

More later