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Re: The...the...

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Friday, April 21, 2006, 7:45
caeruleancentaur wrote:

> How do you express the concept "the...the..." as in "the more, the > merrier" in your conlangs. Senjecas does not have the definite > article, so I'm looking for some suggestions.
Shaquelingua has no real definite article either but I wouldn't use any of the demonstrative or resumptive that replace it. The best solution is either an unquantitative article ("some" sg.) Then I would use a simple causal construction (if/then). xa dö baoti ; xa bao jö zedje. [Za: dO ba"oti] ; [Za: ba"o jO ze.dje] xa dö bao-ti UNQ COND+FUT more-SUBST xa bao jö zedje UNQ more IMPL+FUT happiness = (if there will be) some (applied) increase, (then there will be) some more happiness. It also works with longer sentences. xe bao lule jötar tsiyö'çaki ; be kyö flu ra bao jiyö juça. [Ze: ba"o 4u4e jOtaX tsiWO:'Caki] ; [be: kWO f4u Xa: ba"o jiWO juCa] xe bao lule jötar tsiyö 'çaki UNQ more ACQU help OBL+ATMP=1PE be kyö flu ra bao jiyö juça QLT EQUA toward INDEF.PL more IMPL+ATMP person = (when) we need more help, (then) more people come. = The more help shall we need, the more people will come. ---------- ACQU = ACQUisitive (alien particle) ATMP = ATeMPoral tense (universal facts) COND = CONDitional mode (if) EQUA = EQUAtive (alien particle) FUT = FUTure tense IMPL = IMPLicative mode (then) OBL = OBLigative (must/need) PE = Plural Exclusive QLT = QuaLiTative quantifier SUBST = Substantivator UNQ = UNQuantitative quantifier ("some" sg.) ---------- I haven't ever thought about such expressions. Thanks for the reminder. tul'xeje zatö'çka, [tu4(u)'Zeje zatO:'Cka] (= The 2 of us shall express ourselves again) -- ================== Remi Villatel ==================