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OT: TECH: Help (OT: Turning off HTML)

From:David Peterson <thatbluecat@...>
Date:Saturday, January 10, 2004, 18:42
Hi All,

This message was sent awhile ago, and the website were *very* helpful if you
use anything on earth except AOL for a Macintosh.   It appears that it's
actually impossible to send plain text messages with Mac's version of AOL.   It may
be possible when 9.0 comes out for Mac, but, from what I've heard, that's a
year away (stupid PC-centric AOL...)   So, I was thinking that an alternative
might be to use some of the external webmail clients built into the computer
that I never touch.   I have no idea how to do it, though.   So, I have two
question that I hope someone can answer, since people on the list tend to be
pretty computer savvy:

(1) How do I find out what to put into "Incoming Mail Server" for AOL?

(2) Same question for "Outgoing Mail Server".

I'd be very appreciative.   You can reply to me off-list, so we don't

Thanks very much!