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Tech alphabet, Hebrew version

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, April 4, 2003, 15:39

There are a lot of comments I need to add, especially concerning geminate
("tense") vs. nongeminate ("lax") hypophonemes, as well as palatized
("soft"), neutral ("hard") and labialized ("hard") hypophonemes. The
soft--hard-labialized system isn't limited to velars in most dialects. Also,
there are rare "soft" and labialized consonants -- labiopalatals, which
occur in Northwest Caucasian languages.

The "tense" and "lax" forms might be realized as pharyngealized/neutral,
long/short... I don't know yet.

Then there's the matter of mutation (spirantization and nasalization;
fortition/lenition I just mentioned earlier). Rafe, the horizontal stroke
above consonants, indicates spirantization. Nasalization is either marked by
a preceding nun (or mem before labials), or another symbol, possibly a
vertical stroke like paseq before the consonant.

I don't have any way of marking fronted back vowels ("umlauts") yet. So far
it's ambiguous, like Ottoman Turkish was when it was written in Arabic