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Babel Text in Yeishen

From:Keolah Kedaire <keolah@...>
Date:Sunday, February 18, 2001, 17:15
Well, I think I've got this done, although it seems a bit clumsy in
places. I've also translated it into the Silver Towers 'dialect', which
seems to handle it a bit better.

sanur kili noa yeishen  el  e  leshen lel.
land  all  was language one and words few.

ledi aroa a mordras,
they came from east,

ledi fuenamoa feressoa e sanmer Shinar.
they found    dwelled  at plain Shinar.

ledi shenoa o ellir,
they said  to one another,

aria! leshi kanviitia lezafes.
come! we    will bake bricks.

ledi fesoa lezafes e damieltel.
they built bricks and clay.

ledi shenoa,
they said,

aria! leshi fesia    yeifes e  fesir  amu     a sanir,
come! we   will build city and tower reaching to heaven,

leshi zhensiria      okumearia       eir    sanurmiel.
we   will be famous be not scattered across world-face.

viur ruaroa    fenoa yeifes e fesir feso  lesiti   lir.
god  descended saw   city and tower built children man.

viur shenoa, fenia!
god  said,   look!

yeilir  el  e   yeishen  el  o  lirkili,
society one and language one to everyone,

ledi drasea da.
they begin  this.

ledi okukwamia          amalia   elda.
they will not be denied will try anything.

aria! leshi ruaria       sirfalia     yeishen wuledi,
come! we    will descend will confuse language their,

ledi kusirmeria          yeishen  ellir.
they will not understand language one another.

viur mearoa    ledi eir    sanurmiel,
god  scattered them across world-face,

ledi kuturoa         yeifes.
they left unfinished city.

zhen wudi vavel.
name its  Babel.

trida   sanda viur sirfaloa yeishen  sanur kili.
because there god  confused language world all.

a    sanda viur mearoa   ledi  eir   sanurmiel.
from there god scattered them across world-face.

for details, see:

the Silver Towers version is also at:


Keolah the Seeker
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