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Reply to Sally (jara: Introduction)

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Friday, January 10, 2003, 18:54
 --- Sally Caves skrzypszy:

> Ha vyko, Hvenmanrivar! (Hi there! Welcome, visitor!) I can't compete with > the Christophe's and the Jan's of the list who are the first to greet a > newcomer!
<blushing> Oh well, it's just the kind of work that I'm doing (sitting behind a computer the whole day). Same with Christophe, I think. Anyway, you made up with a reply longer than us two's replies together. :)
> Ah, so you are at UCLA! The graduate school for the famous Matt Pearson, > inventor of the famous and excellent Tokana! Also the home of several > colleagues of mine. You are unusual, as a conlanger, in being a political > science and history major. Many of us are linguistics and computer science > majors.
Not me! I did my first year in history, but then I switched to Sovietology (I don't really know how I should call it. In 1992, when it finally became possible to specialise in another East European country than Russia, I immediately switched to Poland. So I am not a historian, but at least something close to it. As for politics, I used to be extremely politically active during seven or so years, but in 1992 I quit entirely, disillusioned and disappointed. Politics still interest me, though. I was an English major way back in the early seventies, and I got
> my Ph.D. in Berkeley in medieval literature (did my diss on Old English and > Middle Welsh poetry).
I still believe that medieval literature is among the most beautiful literature ever written. Same goes with medieval music, by the way. For my vocal compositions, I prefer to use either medieval or classic texts.
> I know that the novel has some linguistic notes at the end of it, but I'm > still not convinced that she is as compulsively dedicated as some of the > rest of us are to the nitty gritty details of our inventions.
Perhaps. But does that disqualify Ms. LeGuin as a conlanger? I can't say I am compulsive as a conlanger either, although currently it takes most of my free time. I'm sure there are more like that on this list. A propos female conlangers: earlier, I wrote that I found it odd that there are so little women involved in a posteriori conlanging. Perhaps you remember. But I have news for you: Eamon's fiancée Sabrina has entered Romanceconlang today, and announced a Romance conlang! She is the first romlanger I've ever heard of! You are probably right, and women are leaving the closet a bit later than the men. I'll be the first to welcome them. On a sidenote: Christophe and me sent our welcome messages in the very same minute. A draw this time! :))
> Meanwhile, who was it gave me the link to the Celtic Conlang list? Would it > be too much trouble to get that again?
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