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Re: Some conlang questions

From:Pavel Iosad <pavel_iosad@...>
Date:Friday, December 27, 2002, 20:54

> Sure. Languages can have really strange and wacky > vowel patterns, as well as > disgustingly regular ones. I recommend that you check > for a survey of > vowel system. > I've found only one (minor) error on the page, in which the > author claims > that there are no languages with less than three vowels--to > the best of my > knowledge, Abhaz and Adygh have only one vowel, although some > claim that they have two.
They do have two, and that's a fact. The vowels are /a/ and /@/, and the rules for the schwa's appearance are *not* automatic. Another supposed language with one vowel is Aranta, a language of Australia, bt I can't check that one. Abkhaz and Adygh *definitely* have two. Pavel -- Pavel Iosad Is mall a mharcaicheas am fear a bheachdaicheas --Scottish proverb


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