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Re: Some conlang questions

From:Pavel Iosad <pavel_iosad@...>
Date:Friday, December 27, 2002, 23:28

> I read that Northwest Caucasian languages have the phonemes > /a/ and /@/, but > next to palatized consonants, the allophones /e/ and /i/ appear; the > allophones /o/ and /u/ go with labiovelarized consonants. ~Danny~
That's quite true. That's why I used //'s in my original posts. Peter, I'm having my phonetics exam tomorrow, so I'll go and ask :-) We talked about it definitely in the course of our study, and our teacher is definitely a big shot on Caucasian languages (his name's Sandro Kodzasov, in case you follow Caucasian studies) Pavel -- Pavel Iosad Is mall a mharcaicheas am fear a bheachdaicheas --Scottish proverb