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Re: CHAT: Rules?

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 3:24
>> Perhaps the problem is that in some email programs (mine for instance),
>> you hit "Reply" to a digest msg., the entire digest is copied.
Nik Taylor yanuwak:
>Isn't the digest a single e-mail with everything in it? If so, how >could it be different?
As to the first, yes. As to the second, all I know is, with AOL, I could select a single msg. or portion, out of a digest, and only that would appear in the Reply. Not so with my present server. As I may have said, most of what the computer does or doesn't/won't do, to my mind is akin to magic, and there are undoubtedly spells and charms to solve problems. I've tried "I tell you three times", but without much success. ObConlang: In Kash, computers are probably called _celipin_, a slightly irregular compound of 'electric' and 'think'. There are no doubt popular pejorative terms too. Or maybe not, since there was no Pil Ketes or Mayikrosofot _there_.