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Pali - script

From:P. M. ARKTAYG <pmva@...>
Date:Saturday, January 2, 1999, 18:25
lucasso wrote:

> >> what was the script of Pali? > >> was it devanagari? > >> > >> in one old encyclopedia i've seen few vowel marks of something called > >> pali script... > > PMA> Bra-hmi. De-vana-gari- has been created in the V-VI century. Some people > PMA> think that earlier. > > but i know how brahmi looks like - and it's NOT brahmi!
Maybe Gupta Bra-hmi or an italics descendant of Bra-hmi or Kharos.t.hi-... Draw a sample and send me that in GIF or JPEG format. -- P. M. ARKTAYG Mrok i Ciemnosc, doradztwo w walce z Dobrem