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Re: "Father" in 3B (was Re: Speaking of books... (and a spot of 3B))

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Friday, January 5, 2007, 19:50
> > I even have a hunch there might have been a whole set > > / ? h x x_w G G_w/ but some of the distinctions were lost > > everywhere, and some of them may have merged with phonemes > > outside this group: *x_w > *[W] > *w.
>Very interesting indeed, but again it seems to be of primarily >Pre-PIE interest. Any idea whether that integrates better or worse >with Proto-Uralic and/or Nostratic, Eurasiatic, and kin?
In my limited kno'ledge, Proto-Uralic reflects PIE laryngeals as mostly *k, rarely *x or *S. The phonetic nature of *x is very much open however - it was certainly guttural, but the voicing may have gone either way, and while a velar POA seems the most likely, that's not really proovable either. Anyway, if *h3 = /Gw)/, I would expect to see it reflected as PU *w, which does not happen AFAIK. But the estabilished laryngeal/Uralic connections are sparse & the examples I checked all had *h1 or *h2... John Vertical _________________________________________________________________ Uutisista turhaan tietoon. Mitä ikinä etsitkin, MSN Search löytää hakemasi.