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Re: Media mortality (< facing your own mortality)

Date:Saturday, July 12, 2008, 3:16
 > [] On Behalf Of Nomad of Norad -- David C Hall

> li_sasxsek@NUTTER.NET wrote: > > This thread has got me thinking not about conlangs carrying > on after me, > > but about the tinkering I had done in the past which is > still may have on > > those old 5.25" Apple II formatted floppies. A couple years back, I > > noticed a few people selling working Apple IIc's for $25-50 > on E-Bay so > > I may just get one to transfer my old stuff to disk images. > I have some > > good emulator programs to use them, and they run > considerably faster than > > the original computer. I could always sell the computer > once I've finished > > transferring my files. > > I've still got just about all my old Radio Shack Color Computer > floppies, and actually still have the old CoCo with floppy > drive, so I > could still read my old disks if I wanted to. > > There are programs for the peecee that will read CoCo > floppies, though, > so even without the CoCos I could still read the contents of > them, I'd > just need a 5.25" floppy drive. I actually have a couple of those > stored here for that express purpose. You can still find > them at older, > small computer stores, the sort of place where they stockpile > this stuff > from machines they've dismantled for parts.
That's fine for the CoCo, but the Apple II was a very unique disk format. It's unreadable by anything else becaus Apple didn't use a regular disk controller chip like the others. They made a proprietary circuit of their own, which is not compatible with any of the off-the-shelf disk controllers. I had a bid for a complete IIC system on e-Bay last weekend but it got snapped up by someone else at the last minute for $15.50. Not bad for a complete system with monitor and printer, though I probably would have told the seller to keep the printer to save the shipping costs.